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Nick Dempsey is a 3 times Olympic medal winning windsurfer, and one of the UK’s leading water sports photographers.

Having spent a lifetime behind the scenes of professional sailing and water sports, Nick has a unique take on sports photography.

Alongside epic action shots, Nick adds warmth to a subject that can often feel a bit too cold and technical. People. Detail. The human elements that add character to a subject. Nick’s style naturally lends itself to lifestyle projects and commissions.

Nick has worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry, and will be shooting at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Work Overview

Lee Taylor

Head of Communications and Marketing
Steele Raymond

"We’ve worked with Nick for over a year now and his creative work has quickly become a focal point for our communications, bringing everything to life. Giving Nick a creative brief to visualise legal services was always going to be difficult but Nick has continued to impress us with his creativity, passion and ability to get the best out of our teams. The style that Nick is able to incorporate in to his work is superb and always goes about his work professionally, promptly and efficiently."

Emma Hinde

Head of Communication and Marketing
Volvo UK

"Having worked with Nick as an Athlete ambassador for 12 years we were a little apprehensive of hiring him as a newly professional photographer. We had only known him as an Olympic Windsuffer! He massively surprised us all and far exceeded our expectations. Professional, fast and very well researched. You can tell he doen't just turn up for the job unprepared. He's a super talented photographer who works brilliantly with the sailors and works magic with the cars."

Will Carson

Head of Communication
Royal Yachting Association

"We've been using Nick for a few years now. He's simply one of the best photographers in Sailing. If you're looking for someone to over deliver, Nick's your man."

Nick Houchin

International Marketing Manager

"The good thing about Nick is he can do it all, fast and professional. He knows what works and didn't waste any time. The sailors are busy and training hard and his ability to get the right shot in the limited time was amazing. What surprised us most were his fashion images, they were just spot on."

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